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Leap Conference


Made at: Mama Creative


Client: Nedbank CIB (Corporate and Investment Banking)

Creative Direction, Event Branding,
Event Production

Developing a concept, theme and event branding for the 2023 Nedbank CIB Leadership Conference. The conference had a major focus on accelerated growth and shaping delegates to think differently- to be unshakeably bold and connect with their purpose.


The theme ‘Leap’ was centred around inspiring leaders to leap forward by being bold and moving from their comfort zones to growth zones. The conference was held in inner-city Johannesburg (using the city as a metaphor for the country and the need for transformation and growth). We drew inspiration from the city to craft a bold contemporary South African look and feel, all while tying it into Nedbank’s corporate identity.


We created event branding that was fresh, inspiring and tied into the venue seamlessly. Creating a branding ‘tool kit’ with various elements that worked in a modular system allowed the branding to be easily rolled out across various touchpoints.

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