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I am a Graphic Designer with a background in architecture. I aim to help people and brands solve problems, activate their purpose and make real impact through well crafted design and thoughtful strategy. My design approach is intuitive and empathetic.

Take a look at my work below!


From the very first interaction, I appreciated Radhika’s clear communication and goal-setting to develop a brand identity that captured and represented my work and vision.  Throughout the project Radhika was collaborative, patient, and attentive to feedback so I stayed engaged and informed.  Radhika’s design skills, creativity, and passion are apparent.  She also explains technical details and design rationale so I learned so much along the way.  Ultimately, Radhika created a dynamic body of work that fulfills every aspect of the project while going well beyond my expectations.

Elizabeth Donovan, Founder of Psychology for Growth, New York

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