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She is ____  .


Postgraduate studies 

Information Design, Illustration

Using visual communication design to solve a problem, I proposed the question: ‘How can information design aid the Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust to guide survivors through post sexual assault procedures and recovery?’


This project required a sensitive and empathetic approach to ensure the information presented isn’t jarring and retraumatizing but rather reassuring and empowering. Utilising trauma-informed design research, an information tool kit was developed that explained various procedures and included a healing and recovery section.


A brochure toolkit that simplifies access to information for survivors by separating each section into its own brochure, preventing overwhelm, was developed. After seeing the “She is ______  .” toolkit, Neha Gill from Apna Ghar (a centre in Chicago that conducts direct services, outreach and advocacy to end gender violence) reached out to me to create a similar set of brochures for her organisation.

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