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Kub Cakes





Rupi Sidhu is the founder of Kub Cakes. She specialises in creating beautiful and tasty cakes for any occasion. While brainstorming with Rupi, we decided that we wanted the logo to be fun yet simple. Rupi wanted to bring out her two favourite icing colours- blue and pink. I chose a typeface that played on the ‘fun’ element and used different strokes on the cupcake illustration to bring out the ‘fun’ element too. I drew a few illustrations of cupcakes and in the end we settled for a simplified one to ensure the logo wasn’t too busy.

"Radhika was amazing at listening to the requirements and came up with some great suggestions and honest feedback on what would and wouldn't work. She was patient and professional, delivered the end product on time and I really enjoyed working with her."

- Rupi Sidhu, Founder of Kub Cakes

Previous versions of cupcake symbol illustrations

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